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Original invention-creations, utility models and designs are protected under Chinese Patent Law. 

Our firm has a strong team of competent attorneys holding master’s and/or doctoral degrees in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering, biotechnology and pharmacology, integrated circuits and software, telecommunications, etc. Our attorneys and support staff have real-world experience and possess the expertise to guide our clients around pitfalls and enable them to claim their valuable properties. Those capabilities and experience make us second to none among firms in China in helping our clients to obtain, maintain and enforce their intellectual property rights. 

We provide our clients the following spectrum of services:

   ● Preparation and prosecution of applications for inventions, 
      utility models and designs;
   ● Patent re-examination and revocation/invalidation proceedings;
   ● Filing requests for record of patent assignment and other 
      bibliographic change matters;
   ● Patent searches and long-term surveillance on patent rights; 
   ● Patent maintenance and annuities payment services; and
   ● Consultation on protection of patent rights in China.

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