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In recent years, China’s market economy has become increasingly promising. Trademark plays an absolutely necessary role in business success in China. It indicates the origin and uniqueness of the goods/services offered. It builds and sustains customer’s loyalty. It is vital to survival and growth for modern business in China.

Registering a trademark in China is almost the only way to effectively protect it there. Once registration has been completed, continuous effort is required to ensure that all renewals are up to date and that no one else is trying to register a conflicting trademark. Registered trademarks also must be regularly monitored both to ensure that trademark infringers and counterfeiters are brought to justice and to prevent any potential damage to the registered trademark. 

Our company provides a full spectrum of services in relating to trademark matters in China including:

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NPA International Inc. ® 17B Firstfield Rd, Suite 205, Gaithersburg, MD 20878, U.S.A.
  ● Preparation and prosecution of trademark and service mark applications;
  ● Requests for trademark renewal, assignment and modification;
  ● All proceedings in connection with trademark oppositions, trademark    
     disputes and cancellation of improperly registered trademarks;
  ● Trademark searches and long-term surveillance;
  ● Trademark consultation services.
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